About H-A Specialist LLC


Owner: Gregg SwartzIn May 2003 H-A Specialist opened its’ doors, owned and operated by Gregg Swartz. The original goal was to work on all Japanese-made cars but the ultimate goal was to specialize in one car line. Within 2 ½ years I made the switch to focus completely on Honda and Acura Maintenance and have never looked back.

Before starting my business I attended the automotive program at the Portage Lakes Career Center. After graduation in 1998, I worked for the local Acura dealer and later the Honda dealer. During this time I received training from American Honda and attained several Honda certifications in 2000.

After switching my employment to a different Honda dealer I determined that I did not enjoy working for the dealers due to the politics and I became so unhappy that I just quit one day without having another job lined up. Deciding that I would never work for a dealer again, I began looking for a place to open a shop. About 6 months later at the age of 24, with my savings shrinking, I heard about a shop in Cuyahoga Falls. I checked it out and have been there ever since.

The early years of business were not easy and the road construction being done on Front Street did not help things, but I pushed on. Over time, people realized how honest and up front I was about the way I do business and customers kept coming back and telling their friends.

Today, H-A Specialist has grown to 3 full-time technicians and a receptionist , servicing an average of over 200 cars per month, with a regular customer base of over 1,500 people and growing.

There have been many changes to my building over the last 2 years. Fresh paint inside and out, improved lighting in the bays, new shop floors, new parking lot, waiting room remodel with new furniture and a modern bathroom for customers.